Jacquard emblems are a great way to personalize clothing, shoes, or any of your other products adding character and sending your logo or message out into the world. What to put on a custom-created tag?

Pattern or logo – if your company has its own logo or emblem of your new collection, there’s nothing stopping you from sending it out into the world! Our graphic designers will be happy to help you with graphics, if you don’t have your own idea – it’s worth thinking about making your mark on the market today!

Group marking – if you are ordering health and safety clothing for your company, T-shirts for your sports team or sweatshirts for your Thai Boxing club – now you have a unique chance to stand out from the crowd in a discreet and elegant way!

Color scheme – nothing emphasizes style and elegance like the choice of certain colors, gradients or shades! Offered in standard and premium quality, our emblems faithfully reproduce even the most sublime color combinations!

Custom s izing – instead of standard sizes, you can order custom sized labels to better fit your design or garment.

Confectioning method – it is the way the label is placed or folded that affects how it is perceived by the final customer. In order to meet expectations and fashion trends, we offer several ways of confectioning our sew-in labels:
roll-up tag
folding label
asymmetrically folded label
tag folded asymmetrically
cut label
double folded label so called manhattan
hanger-like tag
compilation V
single-sided hanger

Custom s izing – instead of standard sizes, you may be tempted to order custom sized labels to better fit your design or garment.

Let these ideas inspire you to create unique, tailor-made customized sew-ins that will perfectly represent your brand or personal style. After all, details such as sew-in labels can make a huge difference, adding character and individuality to your products. Individual consultations are welcome.

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