Jacquard ribbons and rubber bands are an enduring favorite in our product line. The logos are woven according to customer’s individual order using the highest quality raw material and modern production techniques.

For the production of our jacquard products we use braided latex threads, as a result of which the final product does not deform and retains its original form regardless of the intensity of use.

Stabilization of the material provides additional strength, and the polyamide yarn we use makes material soft, safe and pleasant to touch.

guma żakardowa sportowa oporowa splot-pas

Jacquard elastics

polyamide with the use of braided lycra, pattern, color and weave on request. Widths between 20 - 60mm.


Jacquard elastics

Made of polyester, braided with latex or lycra. Widths up to 60mm on request.

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