We offer a wide range of high-quality tapes for various purposes. Our designers make sure that the designs designed by us combine the aesthetics of execution and functionality, and communication with the customer from the design to the final implementation guaranteeing complete satisfaction.


Kevlar tape

Kevlar tape, is ideal for thermal insulation. Its polypropylene or polyester core strengthens carrying structure, especially in the case of applications with thermal insulation or high temperatures.


Knitted shoe tape

Available in a wide range of colors and any theme. Possible width to 50mm.

tasty none I techniczne żakardowe

Carry tape

Available in widths from 20mm to 50mm, in a petite range of colors.


Knitted decorative tape

Available in many different colors. Widths offered range from 5mm to 50mm. Level of flexibility to be agreed.

tasma odblaskowa splot-pas

Reflective tape

They are primarily used as clothing items. Warning reflectors are used, among other things, to increase the safety of individual road users.

lampasy dekoracyjne producent Łódź polska

Strengthened belt

Ideal for making pants or shoes.

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