In our product portfolio you will find all kinds of cords with the option to custimize the length, width, shape (flat or round?) and your own logo.

All of our products are certified Oeko-tex 1st class, so they are completely safe for contact with the skin of children and adults.

The aglet tip used in finishing our laces is both durable and high quality.

taśmy trykoty lampasy sublimacja producent Łódź
sznurówki z agletem do butów producent cennik lodz

Flat cords

Produced by woven, braided and knitting methods. The method of weaving the string makes it possible to place various patterns on its surface. The materials we can use on request are polyester, kevlar, • polypropylene, polyamide, cotton and acrylic.

sznurówki z agletem do butów producent cennik lodz


This type of cord finds its use in the production of fashionable clothing. They are characterized by their resistance to weather conditions, that is why they work well as billboard protection elements, work out expanders, harness or different branches of survival and turism.

lina wzmocniona techniczna producent


Production of ropes with a diameter of 16mm made of polypropylene, polyester or other components upon request. Our ropes are popular in all sorts of gardening equipment, swings, hammocks and as bindings.

sznurówki sublimacja aglet sznurki gumo sznurki łódź

Clothing strings

Fashionable patterns designed in house ensure that the accessories we produce remain up-to-date, and the components used in their production guarantee durability and strength.

sznurówki sublimacja aglet sznurki gumo sznurki łódź

Shoe laces

Our shoelaces are used not only in the production of footwear, but also in the production of tracksuits and fitness clothing, and the polyester materials used in them allow subsequent sublimation. High quality of the tip used, makes our shoelaces resistant to mechanical damage.

sznurówki sublimacja aglet sznurki gumo sznurki łódź

Decorative round strings

Round strings with diameters of 2-6mm and flat strings with a width of 6mm-20mm. We specialize in the use of polyester, cotton and acrylic components. The ends are made of acetate foil (aglet) with various tip lengths of 1.25 cm -2.5 cm.

gumo sznurki techniczne producent splot pas


We produce furniture webbigs in diameters 2 to 8 mm using the braided method and woven kedra with a fin sewn into the material. It is used to finish seams and joints of leather goods and weather-resistant tourist and survival clothing.

sznurówki sublimacja aglet sznurki gumo sznurki łódź

Elastic string

Made of elastane yarn, which allows for permanent connection of individual elements using ultrasound, it has been widely used in the medical industry for the production of masks and face shields during the pandemic. Can be both flat and round.