SPLOT was established in 2001 and has become a leader in the production of haberdashery products. Our business is an extension and continuation of the textile tradition of our city of Lodz.

We take pride in creating dozens of weaves and patterns individually designed by our designers. We place our products (in spools, skeins, galettes, discs, lagged) in functional and transport-safe packaging.

Since the beginning of our presence in the market, we have based our mission on three pillars: quality, innovation and satisfaction of our customers

2020 set the stage during the pandemic period and with diversified production, allowed the company to maintain jobs for more than 40 employed people.

From 2016 to 2019, we imported Jacquard weaving machines and precision machines from Swiss company Müller. By enlarging our machine park to more than 200 different types of equipment, we have the capacity to produce a wide range of haberdashery articles.

In 2014, we began construction of new production halls, increasing our production area to more than 2,500 square meters. which made it possible to obtain space for the new machines.

In 2010, we began replacing our knitting machines. We decided to bring in specialized machinery from Comez, a leader in this sector. This set the next stage of our development. Implementing new technologies meant training employees and expanding knowledge, and observing global trends has paid off by attracting new customers. Since 2017, we have had a steady presence in foreign markets.

In 2005, the next step in the company’s development was the purchase of weaving machines (looms), which was related to the increasingly dynamic advertising market. A lanyard tape under sublimation in its present form has been developed at our plant. It is characterized by excellent quality and has been appreciated by our customers, as the designs, images or photographs printed on it are faithful reflections of the designs provided by their customers. Our products began to appear at trade shows and events in the form of promotional gadgets.

2002-2004 r. We introduced braiding and knitting machines of domestic manufacture. We have begun to expand our offerings for customers in the footwear industry. We supplied not only tapes, but also laces and other accessories to increasingly large and important shoe companies. We paid special attention to the materials and components used to make highly demanding products for children, which made up the bulk of our product line.

In 2000, the idea of creating a knitting and haberdashery company was conceived. We started our business in 2001 in a small premises with two Polish-made machines and one employed worker. Initially, the recipients were garment manufacturers from the suburban town of Głuchów. We responded quickly to their demand and gained experience.


which is guaranteed by the highest quality yarns and other components used in production to ensure the durability of our products.


has been accompanying us invariably since day one. We boast the most modern machinery available in the world market. Our employees regularly participate in training on their operation and the implementation of new technologies.

Satisfaction of our customers

is our next priority. We guarantee that the final product is properly tailored to individual needs, as well as communication with contractors from the design phase to the final result.

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