What is the approximate cost of making a jacquard sew-in?

Each jacquard sew-in is priced individually. The price depends on the quality (economy / standard / premium / premium +), the size of the label, the number of colors used, also the method of confection (folding), whether it is to be laser cut, cold glued or with a film that allows hot pasting, etc.

We approach each project individually, keeping in mind the client’s requirements. Prices range from 0.06zl/pc. up to as much as 3.8 PLN net per piece for the most demanding woven labels (quoted prices are approximate

What is the time and cost of implementing the trial?

Sample turnaround time is 2-5 business days, depending on the number of orders (we always try to make a sample as soon as possible).

Currently, by the end of 2023. We perform trials for you at no charge.

Can the trial be abandoned?

Sampling is done at the customer’s request, but we always try to do it for orders larger than 3,000pcs. And mainly in cases where the implantation is complicated.

If the technologist has doubts about the possible approval of the final design by the client, we make such a sample and send it physically, by email, mms to the client (in the form of a photo) for the client to assess whether it is appropriate.

What is the lead time for a production order?

We proceed to production after sample approval and execute them within 7-10 working days.

It is also possible to accept an order for execution without trying (mainly when the customer cares about time), however, such an order is not subject to complaint if all the parameters established by e-mail/telephone agree.

Is it possible to expedite the order in the so-called. express mode?

We strive to give realistic lead times, and if we can approach our production schedule flexibly, we do so on an ongoing basis to meet our customers’ expectations, respecting each customer’s time and deadline requirements.

What information is needed to prepare a quote?

In order to quickly and efficiently perform a quote for you, we need:

– The design of the sew-in label in Corel format (max version 18) or pdf file;

– dimensions of the tag (before folding + after folding)

– Quality (economy / standard /premium, etc.).

– confection (information on how the label is to be folded, cut, folded, etc.

What are the terms of order and payment?

All orders are processed by email. We determine the form of payment individually: proforma – prepayment, invoices with short payment terms are also possible – as part of a permanent and trouble-free cooperation.

What is the minimum order quantity?

We fulfill all, even the most unusual orders (even 100-200pcs, although these are occasional cases).

The minimum order value is 300 PLN net. You will always receive information in the reply regarding the quotation at what quantity the price applies.

What is the difference between hot-cut and ultrasonic-cut – US (ultrasonic knife) sewing?

Hot-cut lace is standard for small quantities (e.g. 500-1000pcs; depending on the size of the lace).

Ultrasonic knife cutting guarantees smooth, non-scratching edges. The inset is definitely softer. This is very important in the case of the lice placed in clothing in areas where they can irritate the skin.

We try to make sure that any amount of sew-in that is the minimum required production length suitable for the US cutter is cut in just this way.

Is ultrasound cutting (US knife) at an additional cost?

US (ultrasonic) knife cutting is free of charge.

It is important that a given sew-in meets only the production minimum suitable for ultrasound cutting.

Can the implant be laser-cut?

Yes, we have a machine that allows laser cutting in simple shapes, as well as along the outline of the lace or being in any other craziest shape.

Is it possible to order a sticker with the possibility of pasting?

There are two ways that allow us to make a pasted-in label:

– cold – sewn on double-sided tape

– hot – a tag with a film on hot-melt glue (e.g. for pasting with an iron)

What is the maximum size of a sew-in that can be woven?

The looms we own allow us to produce labels with a maximum width of 20cm x length as desired (in tape or cut by laser into appropriate pieces). If a label is to be confectioned in a suitable way, then we keep you informed of the maximum and minimum width in which we can make a given label.

What is the fee for creating the matrix (project software)?

Currently, by the end of 2023. We do not charge any fees for the creation of a matrix regarding a particular lace.

What are the costs of shipping the sew-in to the customer and who bears them?

Personal collection or courier delivery is possible – at the expense of the customer. Courier shipping costs (according to the carrier’s price list) are about 19 PLN net – added to the invoice.

If the customer has a contract with a carrier, it is possible to send us your own bill of lading.

Do you have any initiatives to reduce environmental impact during the manufacturing process?

We are committed to sustainable development. Our manufacturing processes prioritize energy conservation and waste reduction. Our plant is equipped with high-end photovoltaic equipment

Can labels be pre-treated for special conditions such as weather resistance or fire resistance?

Yes, we offer special treatments to improve the properties of labels under special conditions. Please specify any requirements when placing your order.

What happens if the customer does not receive the implants on time?

If the customer does not collect the order within 30 days from the date of execution, we reserve the right to issue an invoice and charge the ordering party for the completed order.

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