Provide Your Products with Solid Support: Wholesale Tape.

In the world of fashion, details make all the difference, and quality workmanship plays a key role in defining a brand’s prestige. That’s why our Gurt tape is an indispensable item for any garment manufacturer that strives to provide its customers with excellent quality and exceptional wearing comfort, as well as the quality of the final product.

Robustness and Reinforcement

Stiffened tape is the foundation of solidity and reinforcement for the waistband of pants or skirt. It allows the strap to maintain its shape throughout a day of use without wrinkling or slipping. This is a key element that adds aesthetic and functional value to any clothing product.

Flexibility and Adaptation

Our padded tape is available in a variety of options to perfectly match a wide variety of fabrics and belt widths. Depending on your needs, we can offer wide rubber or just stiffening tape, providing flexibility and support for even the most unusual projects.

Fit to Size

Size should not be an obstacle to excellent quality. Therefore, our stiffened tape is designed to meet different customer needs. For larger sizes, such as XXL, we suggest a wide rubber band to ensure a firm hold. However, for smaller sizes, from S to M, a stiffening band is ideal, which not only maintains the shape, but also keeps it light and flexible.

Quality Guarantee

Our stiffened tape undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure reliability and durability at every stage of production. Thus, you can be sure that any product using our stiffened tape will meet the highest quality standards and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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